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Yankee Dryer Creping Systems

Yankee Dryer Creping Systems

GP Chemicals has developed Navigator® products and services specifically formulated for Yankee Dryers. The Navigator line features new formulations and technologies designed specifically for today’s tissue and towel market needs. These products are adapted to meet a customer’s individual machine and operating environment based on a technical audit that assesses machine variables, their effect on the Yankee Dryer, and the end-product.

The portfolio includes coating packages to accommodate the evolving trend toward rapidly changing paper machine operating conditions and sheet specifications. The new coating formulations are designed to meet the higher operating temperature demands placed on standard paper machines as well as the lower reel moisture targets required to compete in high-end tissue and towel markets.

Products for Through Air Dryer (TAD) and structured fabric machines have been created to adhere the sheet under the lower moisture conditions with the structured sheet limitations of these types of paper machines.

In addition to coatings and release agents, the Navigator line includes softeners and debonders specifically designed for Yankee Dryers.

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The Chemistry of Modern Papermaking was written by GP Chemicals experts Dr. Cornel Hagiopol and James W. Johnston. Published August, 2011 by ...

Fiber to fiber bonding reduction

Navigator® debonders are designed to reduce fiber to fiber internal bonding in order to enhance bulk and absorbency levels. Products have also ...

Fiber lubrication, surface smoothness, flexibility

Specially formulated products to lubricate and condition the fiber surface in tissue/towel applications, Navigator® softeners are designed to increase surface smoothness and ...

Blade lubrication, coating, adherence, low contact creping

Our Navigator® line is comprised of specifically formulated coating and release packages for Yankee Dryers. These packages are designed to meet ...

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