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Strength Resins (Wet, Dry & Temporary)

Wet and Dry Strength Resins

GP Chemicals offers a full range of wet and dry strength resins specifically engineered for paper, tissue and toweling, napkins, linerboard, liquid packaging, bag carrierboard and specialty applications.

The Amres® line of permanent wet strength resins features high solids and is designed for cost-effective performance. Some products are specifically formulated to lower absorbable organic halogen (AOX) levels in paper and effluent streams.

Sof-Strength® temporary wet strength resins also feature high solids and are formulated to provide excellent softness and to increase shelf-life.

Ambond® dry strength resins are available in both cationic and anionic versions with multiple charge densities and molecular weights. Ambond carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is formulated to be used with dry strength resins to increase wet and surface strength of the sheet.

GP Chemicals also markets repulpable wet strength resins designed to increase fiber retention while preserving strength levels prior to repulping. Our repulpable wet strength program gives the customer interested in repulpability and recyclability; control; and flexibility, regardless of furnish or grade structure. This system takes advantage of our patented temporary wet strength technology as well as the shelf stable permanent wet strength resin in the Amres product line.

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The Chemistry of Modern Papermaking was written by GP Chemicals experts Dr. Cornel Hagiopol and James W. Johnston. Published August, 2011 by ...

extender, base polymer reduction, cost reduction

GP® 4864 triazone resin is used in a variety of industries as an extender, solvent or reactive diluent with melamine-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde, melamine-urea-formaldehyde ...

Dry strength, system charge control, wet strength, surface strength, absorption

Ambond® polyacrylamide dry strength resins are supplied as cationic and anionic aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 10%-50%.

These ...

High solids, cost-performance, low AOX, fiber retention, shelf-life

An extensive portfolio of cationic polyamide wet strength products are supplied as aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 12.5% to ...

Shelf-life, softness, high solids

Our Sof-Strength® temporary wet strength line of resins features high solids (up to 25%) and provides enhanced softness to paper products. Another ...

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