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GP Chemicals has supplied the tissue and towel market for many years with quality wet strength resins and crepe aids to help our paper customers improve their facial tissues; napkins; sanitary grades; and towel grades. Constantly developing new products and improving on existing products, our record as a reliable supplier has made us a leader in the tissue and towel industry.

But we are not resting on our laurels. Our latest innovation is the Navigator® line of products and services formulated for Yankee Dryers. These products are designed to meet a customer’s machine and operating environment based on a technical audit that assesses machine variables and their effect on the Yankee Dryer and the end-product.

The portfolio includes coating packages for the evolving trend toward rapidly changing paper machine operating conditions and sheet specifications. The new coating formulations were developed to meet the higher operating temperature demands placed on standard paper machines as well as the lower reel moisture targets required to compete in high end tissue and towel markets.

In addition to products for Through Air Dryer (TAD) and structured fabric machines, the Navigator line includes coatings and release agents, softeners and debonders designed for the tissue and fluff pulp markets.

Check out in the January 2013 issue of TAPPI Journal, the peer-reviewed article from GP Chemicals experts - "A New Perspective on Tissue Wet Strength Decay: The Real Values".

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Dry strength, system charge control, wet strength, surface strength, absorption

Ambond® polyacrylamide dry strength resins are supplied as cationic and anionic aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 10%-50%.

These ...

High solids, cost-performance, low AOX, fiber retention, shelf-life

An extensive portfolio of cationic polyamide wet strength products are supplied as aqueous solutions with a range of solids from 12.5% to ...

Higher machine speed, Mechanical equipment efficiency

GP® defoamers are anti-foaming agents that are designed to reduce and prevent the formation of foam and to control the level of ...

Fiber to fiber bonding reduction

Navigator® debonders are designed to reduce fiber to fiber internal bonding in order to enhance bulk and absorbency levels. Products have also ...

Fiber lubrication, surface smoothness, flexibility

Specially formulated products to lubricate and condition the fiber surface in tissue/towel applications, Navigator® softeners are designed to increase surface smoothness and ...

Blade lubrication, coating, adherence, low contact creping

Our Navigator® line is comprised of specifically formulated coating and release packages for Yankee Dryers. These packages are designed to meet ...

Shelf-life, softness, high solids

Our Sof-Strength® temporary wet strength line of resins features high solids (up to 25%) and provides enhanced softness to paper products. Another ...

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