Sustainability at GP ChemicalsGP Chemicals practices sustainability through the products we make that help improve people's lives, our smart use of resources, our involvement in the communities where we have operations, and our ongoing success as a business, providing jobs and economic benefits in those communities.

Sustainability has three dimensions - social, environmental and economic. We believe the key to being sustainable, and successful, is finding the right balance among these dimensions. When we do, we help create long-term value -- for our customers, for our communities and for our company.

At GP Chemicals, our commitment to sustainability starts with our products. This involves listening to our customers and making innovative products that meet their needs, managing our supply chains superbly and practicing skilled stewardship.

Operations Sustainability & Community Engagement

We strive to go beyond environmental and worker safety rules to protect our communities and employees so our products are effective to use and handle. Our sites focus on continuous process improvement which includes minimizing energy use and waste generation. In fact, many of our sites manage all liquid streams internally - this means we have a closed loop or zero discharge during routine operations.

At one manufacturing site, water generated from resin production is biologically pre-treated. As a natural part of this process, solids are generated which are then recycled. Through our membership in a composting consortium, this material is incorporated with solids from the local municipal water treatment facility and wood waste to create composts used in various applications.

GP Chemicals is also a valued employer and participant in the communities which we operate. Our facilities support local community volunteer and service organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and Chambers of Commerce. In addition most of our sites have programs to support local fire and rescue services and schools.

Another part of our investment in the communities involves ongoing funding of training, skill development and career progression opportunities for our employees.

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