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When we say Customer Focus, we mean it. We strive to be the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you are just starting a relationship with GP Chemicals or have relied on us for decades, we value our customer bonds. Our goal is to grow with our customers. One way we enhance our lasting bonds is to maintain a keen focus on continuous improvement in how we do business.

Frequently used resources are available below. If you do not see exactly what you need, just Contact Us.

NOTE: To ensure your privacy and a timely response, all forms should be returned directly to your GP Chemicals customer service or sales contact.

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Terms & Conditions of Product Sale for GP Chemicals

All price quotes and sale of products are based on GP Chemicals Terms & Conditions. Any additional, inconsistent or different terms or conditions contained in a purchase order or other communications from buyer to GP Chemicals are expressly rejected unless otherwise mutually agreed to by contract.

Name and Address Changes

In order to notify us of a change to your business name or address, please submit your information on company letterhead to your GP Chemicals customer service representative. For other questions, Contact Us.

Credit Application

If there is a need to extend or change the terms of a credit line, please complete, sign and return the Credit Application to your GP Chemicals customer service representative.

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Sales Tax Exemptions

Filing forms and instructions are linked below.
Important: Please complete the seller or vendor name on all forms as:
Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC.

File a form for each state that Georgia-Pacific Chemicals will ship to on your behalf. Many states have adopted a Streamlined Sales & Use Tax Agreement (SSTA).

Manufacturing and wholesale customers who wish to request exemption from state sales tax, use the Multi-Jurisdiction Uniform Sales & Use Tax form.

Forms for states which have not adopted the SSTA or Multi-Jurisdiction form can be obtained on the state governments' respective websites.

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Product Return Policy

GP Chemicals is committed to supplying products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. The company stands behind its products and will consider all requests for return of product.

GP Chemicals accepts for return or arranges disposal of, without cost to the customer, product that is mutually determined, through root cause analysis, to be our responsibility due to our not meeting contracted or otherwise communicated specifications.

In the event that the request relates to a product that was incorrectly ordered by the customer, is no longer in specification or has exceeded recommended storage life at the customer site, GP Chemicals will work closely with the customer for disposal of the product. Any financial settlement between GP Chemicals and the customer will be determined after considering the appropriate method of disposing of the material in question, and will take shipment and disposal costs into consideration.

W-9 for Suppliers

A W-9 is available for GP Chemicals vendors who need to initiate or update their taxpayer certification. Download and complete the form, sign it and return to your GP Chemicals contact.

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