Research & Development

Our research and development (R&D) capability is the outgrowth of a diverse, focused, and passionate team that applies new technology to the entire product lifecycle to bring innovative products from concept to market. GP Chemicals adds value to our customers both by improving our products and processes, and delivering advancements for customers' products and processes.

Broad R&D to Move Your Business Forward

GP Chemicals R&D uses a unique combination of creativity, chemical knowledge and process expertise, focused international resources, and strong application knowledge to:

  • control rheology, cohesion and adhesion by manipulating polymers at the molecular level;
  • attract molecules to other materials for strength and purification by altering charge density on molecules; and
  • create new molecules that improve product performance.
    Here are some of the ways our R&D can benefit your business:
  • Development of new, patented technology
  • Research facilities in North and South America
  • R&D staff of approximately 40 (roughly 40% are Ph.D.'s)
  • Global network of collaborators
  • Array of analytical capabilities to understand and quantify chemical structure; characterize physical and material properties as well as macroscopic/microscopic features and their chemical analysis.
    In-house applications facilities including:
  • Glass mat hand sheet laboratory complete with testing equipment (tensile, tear, caliper)
  • Coatings applications laboratory (particle size analysis, chemical resistance and artificial aging; adhesion testing, impact testing)
  • Foundry and Proppants Applications (tensile for coated sand, mold deformation testing, cure, peelback, LOI (loss on ignition), permeability
  • Wood applications including furnish and strand blenders, heated presses, extrusion coating, roller coating, physical testing of boards, Automated Bond Evaluation System (ABES), GP™ Dynamic Microchambers (DMC) for emissions testing and large controlled environment testing for formaldehyde

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