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RESI-MIX® Ultra and RESI-BOND® Ultra Resin Systems

New patented RESI-MIX® Ultra and RESI-BOND® Ultra resin systems give plywood manufacturers the flexibility to glue veneers with a wide range of moisture content, resulting in less waste from rejects, without sacrificing performance.

An exclusive new resin system from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals can provide plywood manufacturers more flexibility in gluing veneers with a wide range of moisture content. RESI-BOND® Ultra and RESI-MIX® Ultra adhesives have shown the capability to bond with pocket moisture ranges of 2% to 30% when veneer moisture sorts are strategically located in panel lay-ups. This added flexibility and enhanced bonding performance can lead to reduction of rejects, with 1% or more reduction in total rejects demonstrated in testing and trials* with this technology.

Plywood produced using these products meets Exposure 1 and Exterior bond requirements for PS1-09. RESI-BOND Ultra or RESI-MIX Ultra adhesives are adaptable to most manufacturing process needs and there are no special handling and storage protocols beyond those of standard binder systems. They are available as neat resin or pre-mixed formulations.


Exterior and Exposure 1 Plywood, Residential & commercial Interior, Exposure 1 laminated veneer lumber, Structural panels, Wood adhesives

Product Composition

Thermosetting neat or ready-to-use resins

Trials and testing of these products have been with southern yellow pine plywood.

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RESI-MIX® Ultra and RESI-BOND® Ultra Resin Systems

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