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GP Chemicals embraces the power of Open Innovation, collaborating with outside experts to solve problems. Our door is always open. Learn more

R&D at GP Chemicals

At GP Chemicals, our R&D team uses a unique combination of creativity, chemical knowledge and process expertise. Our R&D is far from typical. Learn more

LEAF brand resins at GP Chemicals

LEAF® resins can help wood producers meet new CARB Phase 2 regulatory requirements. Learn more

Innovative and Capable

At GP Chemicals, innovation is a capability we embrace and a constant pathway to new ideas and new products for our customers. Our goal is to apply our capabilities to continually renew or replace our products to create more value for society. This results in the application of new technologies and concepts to advance the performance of our products and processes as well as those of our customers.

We don't just rely on our own knowledge - we consider opportunities for innovation all along the supply chain and from many sources, including research by universities, government entities and other affiliated and 3rd party companies.

We pursue practical solutions to business problems, all the while considering the economic implications to our customers' businesses or products.

Boundless Ideas from Capable Professionals

GP Chemicals experts are respected by customers and industry organizations for their diverse and innovative knowledge in such fields as:

  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Bio-based chemistry
  • Surface science and colloid chemistry
  • Aerogel chemistry
  • Material science and engineering
  • Wood science and technology
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Chemical manufacturing and logistics.

Beyond the laboratory, we have deep knowledge in bonding substrates like cellulose and glass, manufacturing and testing panel products, and commercializing new solutions for diverse industries such as oil and gas production, coatings and electronics.

We develop custom solutions to meet our customers' needs, with integrity, always respecting their confidentiality.

Your business will benefit by building a bond with GP Chemicals.

Your Custom Solution

Many of our products are custom formulated to meet specific requirements. Search the site and if you do not find your perfect solution…

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GP Chemicals experts are widely published.

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