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Proppant Resins

Proppant Resins

GP Chemicals is a supplier of GP resins for coated proppant applications. The ability to maximize the recovery of oil and natural gas from U.S. and other global reserves is a primary goal of the energy industry. One method to achieve maximum recovery is through hydraulic fracturing, which has made viable resources of previously impractical-to-tap deposits. Hydraulic fracturing uses high pressure fluids to fracture the oil and gas bearing rock formation. Proppants are then used to “prop” open or keep the small fissures that are formed in the rock open for more effective recovery.

Coating these proppants, whose base material is usually sand or ceramics, increases their utility and requires a resin that is strong enough to withstand high pressure underground.

Our GP resins are formulated to enhance crush resistance and minimize the negative effect of proppant fines. They can be used on sand, ceramic, bauxite as well as other types of base materials.

We are continually evaluating customer needs and supply requirements in this rapidly growing market.

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extender, base polymer reduction, cost reduction

GP® 4864 triazone resin is used in a variety of industries as an extender, solvent or reactive diluent with melamine-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde, melamine-urea-formaldehyde ...

Strength, Fines minimization

GP Chemicals supplies GP resins for coating proppants for oil and gas fracturing. Our resins are designed to enhance the strength ...

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