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GP® Dynamic Microchamber

The GP® Dynamic Microchamber (DMC) is a computer-integrated small scale formaldehyde test system that can provide emissions results of 11 samples in 3-1/2 hours with its new upgraded software. This is more than twice the output compared to using the ASTM D6007-02 small scale chamber test methodology.

It is one of the few alternative small scale quality control test methods approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) (CARB letter) and is the primary alternative emissions quality control test method used by North American manufacturers. Manufacturers in Europe and South America also use the GP DMC.

Experts from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals developed and continue to enhance the patented GP DMC for testing formaldehyde emissions.

A patent-pending technology with upgraded copyrighted software for the GP DMC enhances the accuracy of tests for low emission levels including Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde (ULEF) Reduced or ULEF Exempt standards. This technology is offered as part of a Software Upgrade and Service Package that includes installation and annual calibration as well as an updated GP DMC manual. A new site for ordering products and technical service for the GP DMC is under development. In the meantime, use the Contact Us function or call to learn more about how to obtain the Software Upgrade and Service Package and other repair and diagnostic services including training, calibration and repair service, phone diagnostics and replacement parts.

Quotations for new GP DMC units are also available on request.


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