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GP® CK-2400 Resin

Modifier for alkyd and epoxy air dry coatings designed to improve water resistance, leveling hardness, gloss and intercoat adhesion.


Alkyds, Coatings, Enamels, Protective coatings: Marine and maintenance, Protective coatings: Metal protection, Varnishes

Product Composition

Novolac resins


Solid, flake

Typical Properties
Softening Point, °F (°C)
290 - 315 (143 – 157)
Color, Gardener (50:50 in Xylene)
8 maximum



Storage and Handling

GP® CK-2400 novolac resins are non heat-reactive and should be stored in a dry location at temperatures below 35°C. Storage in sunlight should be avoided. Resin storage life under the recommended conditions is two years, possibly longer - but it may need to be recertified after two years. The resins should be stored in a well ventilated area.

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