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GP® BKR-2620 Coating Resin

GP® BKR-2620 coating resin is a solid, heat-reactive, modified phenolic resin used for nitrile adhesives and in films used for intercoat adhesion to vinyl organosols. It is used with epoxy, vinyl, and acrylic polymers to improve performance without sacrificing flexibility. GP BKR-2620 coating resin provides excellent wetting characteristics. It can be used with a wide selection of solvents and is compatible with plasticizers and polyvinyl butyral resins. Films made with unplasticized GP BKR-2620 resin have greater flexibility than those made with other unmodified phenolic resin baking solutions.


Adhesives & sealants, Coatings, Corrosion inhibitors, Metal primer, Nitrile adhesives, Protective coatings, Protective coatings: Can, Protective coatings: Drum and pail, Protective coatings: Metal protection, Protective coatings: Pipe

Product Composition

Resole phenolic resin


Lump solid


Compliant with many FDA 21 CFR ahdesive and coatings standards. Contact Georgia-Pacific Chemicals for details.

Typical Properties
Color, Gardner (50:50 in toluene)
12 max.
Softening Point, °F (°C)
180 - 210 (82 - 99)

Storage and Handling

It is recommended that heat-reactive GP BKR-2620 resin be stored in a dry place at temperatures at or below 50°F (10°C) to optimize shelf life. Storage in sunlight should be avoided. Storage life is dependent on your product’s formulation using GP BKR-2620 resin. This product should be stored and used in areas with good ventilation.

The proper personal protective equipment should be worn whenever GP BKR-2620 resin is used or handled. For safety and health information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet available from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals.

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