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GP® 5700 and 6700 Wood Adhesive Resins

A family of neat wood adhesives resins used for in-plant mixing. They can be adjusted to accommodate the differences in customers' processes. Our plywood and laminated veneer (LVL) resins are supplied in liquid form. They can be used with most hardwood and softwood species and are used for spreader, sprayline, curtain coater, and foam line applications.


Exterior and Exposure 1 Plywood, Residential & commercial Interior, Exposure 1 laminated veneer lumber, Structural panels, Wood adhesives

Product Composition

Thermosetting resin


Dark brown to amber colored liquid


ASTM D2559-04, ASTM D7247-07a, CSA O112.9

Typical Properties
Solids Content, %
Storage Temperature, °C
Storage Life @ 25°C
10 Days


Tank truck, totes

Storage and Handling

Phenol-Formaldehyde products should be stored in clean tanks or containers at 15-25°C (59-77°F). Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for information on the safe handling and storage of these products.

Product Availability

North and South America, South Africa

Ship Locations

Locations throughout the U.S.

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