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GP® 486G34 Resin

GP® 486G34 phenolic resin is used in conjunction with GP® 4826 catalyst for the manufacture of FRP. Specifically developed for hand layup and RTM, the system is also suitable for other FRP processes including filament winding.

By varying the amount of the catalyst mixture in the GP 486G34 resin, desired pot life and cure speed can be achieved; e.g., decreased catalyst mixture level results in increased pot life.


Air conditioning and mining ventilation, Composites, Fiber-reinforced polymers, Fire-safe bus parts, Fire-safe construction materials, Fire-safe railcar parts, Fire-safe walkways, High-temperature applications, Laminates, Offshore water pipe systems, Passenger platform decking

Product Composition

Phenol-Formaldehyde resole


Amber to brown liquid

Typical Properties
Non-Volatiles, %
Viscosity @ 25°C, cps
350 - 750
7.3 - 7.8
Specific Gravity @25°C
1.22 - 1.26
Weight per gallon, lbs
Flash Point, °C
Free Formaldehyde, %
1.0 maximum
Storage Life @ 25°C
30 days


Drums and bulk quantities

Storage and Handling

GP® 486G34 resin and GP® 4826 catalyst should be used in areas with good ventilation. Resin should be stored at temperatures at or below 40°F (5°C) while catalyst can be stored at 20°C-30°C. Prior to use, the resin should be brought to room temperature. As with any resin/acid system, precise and thorough mixing of the resin and catalyst mixture is essential to achieve uniform cure and optimum quality.

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