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Epoxy Hardeners & Additives

Resins for epoxy hardeners

GP Chemicals manufactures novolac resins for use as curing agents for epoxy resins in various applications. These products are useful as co-reactants or hardeners for epoxy resins to produce thermoset systems. The novolac resins used are non-heat reactive materials by themselves, but have phenolic-hydroxide groups that react with epoxies. This novolac/epoxy reaction produces a crosslinked polymer. Since the curing method does not produce by-products, thick sections may be obtained with low shrinkage and without voids and stresses.

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extender, base polymer reduction, cost reduction

GP® 4864 triazone resin is used in a variety of industries as an extender, solvent or reactive diluent with melamine-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde, melamine-urea-formaldehyde ...

Low ionic impurities, chemical resistance, low shrinkage

These phenolic novolac resins are used as curing agents for epoxy resins in molding compounds, copper clad laminates, electrical applications and potting. ...

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