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Sizing: Alkaline & Surface Size

Internal Alkaline Sizes

GP Chemicals offers a broad range of internal sizing. Our internal alkaline sizes include alkyl-ketene-dimer (AKD) emulsions as well as alkenyl-succinic-anhydride (ASA) and synthetic ASA emulsifying agents. Each product offers differentiated chemistries for communications paper, gypsum board, tissue and towel, linerboard, liquid packaging, and OCC linerboard.

Surface Sizes

GP Chemicals also offers a full range of surface size chemistries consisting of unique styrenic-maleic-anhydride (SMA), styrenic-acrylic-ester (SAE) and acrylic copolymer dispersions. These products are used to affect the printing performance of xerographic/ink jet papers, offset/opaque papers, forms/envelope grades, bleached fine papers, coated and uncoated paper and paperboard. Our products also meet unique needs in newsprint, linerboard, carrierboard, and gypsum board applications.

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The Chemistry of Modern Papermaking was written by GP Chemicals experts Dr. Cornel Hagiopol and James W. Johnston. Published August, 2011 by ...

Sizing efficiency, surface strength, scuff resistance, internal bond,

GP Chemicals offers a full range of surface size chemistries – unique styrenic-maleic anhydride (SMA), (SAE) and acrylic copolymer dispersions. These products ...

Cost effectiveness, performance efficiency

A line of internal alkaline sizes that includes alkyl-ketene-dimer (AKD) emulsions and alkenyl-succinic-anhydride (ASA) and synthetic ASA emulsifiers.

AKD emulsions are formulated ...

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