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In addition to quality products and technical expertise, our more than 50 years of consistency and reliability create the difference. Experience GP Chemicals

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From our humble beginnings in Oregon to our current operations around the world, GP Chemicals continues to grow and improve. Learn more

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Sustainability can be defined in many ways. At GP Chemicals, it's more than being "Green." Learn more

Why Georgia-Pacific (GP) Chemicals? We are focused and results-oriented problem solvers.

Our customers choose and stay with GP Chemicals because we reliably, consistently and collaboratively provide practical solutions to their individual needs. And do so with integrity.

With a company culture based on Market-Based Management®, we are passionate about delivering actionable solutions that drive value for customers today, not years from now. As a partner, GP Chemicals supports our customer's quest for high quality products, productivity, superior performance and results.

From our legacy of products related to bonding diverse substrates like wood and glass, our product and technological expertise now runs the gamut from abrasives to oilfield proppant coatings. Such diversity in technology and applications enables the development of custom solutions.

So why GP Chemicals? Bonds that Last. Advancements that Work™


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Many of our products are custom formulated to meet specific requirements. Search the site and if you do not find your perfect solution…