A dynamic collaboration with our Koch sister company, Flint Hills Resources (FHR), has resulted in a growing line of quality additives for the asphalt industry. These products combine Georgia-Pacific Chemicals’ capabilities in chemical innovation, manufacturing and marketing with FHR’s extensive application knowledge to provide the asphalt producer with cost-effective proven performance products.

They include:

  • TUFFTREK PG Modification and Recycling Agents
  • TUFFTREK Antistrip Additives
  • TUFFTREK Emulsifiers
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Product Potential Solutions/Attributes Description

Although only recently marketed under the TUFFTREK name, TUFFTREK 2001 liquid amine antistrip has a long history of use in the asphalt ...

Currently, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals is marketing crude tall oil for anionic high float emulsifier use. New emulsifiers are in development to further ...

A patented PG modifier technology, TUFFTREK 4002 has demonstrated the ability to:

  • Achieve multiple grades with single grade of asphalt.
  • Adjust stored/aged asphalt to ...

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